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Primal Earth Ceramics

Primal Earth Ceramics consists of Paul Lave and Miriam Grigsby

Primal Earth Ceramics started a few years back when Paul picked up pottery again for the first time since high school. He then became fast friends with a local ceramic studio, Cannon Street Ceramics, and they began inviting us to local art walks and events and thus, Primal Earth Ceramics was born.
While Paul is the hands and the creator, I am the brains of the operation. Hi, my name is Miriam! When we started Primal Earth, I promised to “take care of everything and run the shops” if he just kept creating, but I do make a few ugly dinosaurs from time to time to keep things whimsical!
With that welcome to our page/shop! For custom inquiries please shoot us an email:

Bending raw earth to our will to form coffee conduits and practical ceramics with a touch of whimsy!

Monthly Calendar

Upcoming Classes and Special Events!

In addition to our classes, Cannon Street Ceramics holds special events throughout the year, including music events with a live DJ, participation in Lafayette’s City Stroll, pottery sales in our gallery, and more.