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Kiln Firing and Glazing

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Kiln Firing

$15 per Kiln Shelf, 15” x 23” Bisque & Glaze Firing.

Guided Glazing

OPTIONAL: “Guided Glazing” @ $25 per hour (for those who wish to fire using our glazes/studio)

25-Lb. Bag of Clay (for those not enrolled in a course)

A 25lb bag of clay which can be purchased and brought back to the studio to be fired. Firing Fees are posted under "Kiln Firing".

You May Also Like a Bag of Clay 100-Lb Bag just $100


  • $15 per Kiln Shelf, 15” x 23” Bisque & Glaze Firing. 
  • “Guided Glazing”: @ $25 per hour (for those who wish to fire using our glazes/studio).
  • 25-lb. bag of clay available for purchase : $25.
  • You will be contacted by email within 4-6 weeks of dropping off work (unless otherwise arranged).
  • We cannot guarantee the outcome of your pottery and take no responsibility in any fault of the process.

Additional Offerings

In addition to our regular classes, we offer opportunities for students and experienced non-students to spend even more time practicing and creating in our Lafayette studio, along with renting our studio’s space and equipment.

Drop-In Pottery Classes

2-Hour session in the studio $100

If you have experience and are just looking to try a one-time class (date nights, birthday parties, etc.) or cannot commit to a full 6 weeks, this is for you.

Ceramic Classes for Kids

Saturdays: 1-3pm

Each class we will focus on a variety of techniques and create 3-5 pieces per session. Final class will focus on glazing work made throughout the session!

Kiln Firing & Glazing

$15 per Kiln Shelf

Students can rent kiln shelves, which include 15” x 23” bisque and glaze firing. Participants have the option to request guided glazing.

Monthly Calendar

Upcoming Classes and Special Events!

In addition to our classes, Cannon Street Ceramics holds special events throughout the year, including music events with a live DJ, participation in Lafayette’s City Stroll, pottery sales in our gallery, and more.