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Trevor Seymour Art

Denver artist exploring meaning and associations

In my work, I utilize stochastically generated elements from a variety of sources including: over one million images from the open-source photography website, over two thousand commonly used English adjectives, over 1,000 different open source fonts from Google Fonts, and, in the case of my spray painted works, all 10 different colors from Montana Cans’ Chalk Paint line. Using rounded numbers, this results in 20 trillion possible combinations! These elements are combined together with no influence from me (besides the choice of source banks), to form a juxtaposition that invites viewers to create the link between word and image. 

My main body of work focuses on addressing the subconscious influences our unique experiences have on our decisions and associations.

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In addition to our classes, Cannon Street Ceramics holds special events throughout the year, including music events with a live DJ, participation in Lafayette’s City Stroll, pottery sales in our gallery, and more.