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Raku and saggar fired pots

My latest collection of alternative fired pots.


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These are a collection of pots that have been raku for saggar fired. First the pots are thrown on the wheel and coated with terra sigillata, a very fine clay mixture. They are then burnished to create a smooth, satiny surface to provide a good surface for colors to develop in the firing. No glaze is applied to the pots.

The raku pots have been fired in a process called “naked raku”.  They are in shades of white to grey to black, and all the color is from smoke that has been absorbed into the clay body.

Saggar fired pots are nestled in a container in the kiln. Along with the pots are various organic materials and minerals that develop the colors on the unglazed pots.

Typically, pots fired in these processes are more fragile than those fired in an electric kiln as they are fired to a lower temperature. These pots have been coated inside with a water-proof sealer so they can hold water. The outside has been waxed with a beeswax polish to provide a subtle glow to the surface. The surface can be touched up with a soft rag and additional polish can be applied if the surface becomes dull.

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raku/pitfired pots

Raku pot 1, Raku pot 2, Raku pot 3, Raku pot 4, Raku pot 5, Raku pot 6, Raku pot 7